When goldilocks Ginger and keyboard wizard Mishka met electro-rock-chic Sunny on a bar in London, something was bound to happen. In-between unhealthy amounts of Guinness and polish liquor shots, arguments about the proper height of heels changed places with discussions about the state of modern music technology.

A few weeks later the trio was on its way to Siberia to play a gig in an abandoned hangar, eating dried reindeer meat and bathing in vodka. Things will never be the same again.

Tøyen Airport has been collecting frequent flyer miles by the thousands, going back and forth between Oslo and Stockholm, working with Swedish pop-producer Jock-E, who has acts like Ace of Base, Dannii Minogue and Human League to his name. The debut album "Lynx" is out on various digital services such as iTunes and Spotify.


Tøyen Airport's keyboard wizard Mishka, aka Jo Røislien, has been busy in 2010. Together with TV production company Teddy TV, he has been making an infotainment television series for a general audience. The TV-series "Siffer" will air on the major Norwegian national broadcaster NRK1 fall 2011. Director for the TV series has been Christan Holm-Glad who has previously made the Beggin' and Freaky Like Me videos for Madcon.

Digital release of Tøyen Airport's debut album "Lynx" august 15th 2011 on Cosmos Music Group.